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Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are needed to serve on the BSAA board, help with casinos and other fundraising projects.



BSAA Membership:

BSAA membership ensures that members have the opportunity to have their voices heard as well as have a say in policy changes and organization direction.

Membership Benefits include:

Full Member: May vote at membership meetings, may nominate board members, and are eligible to hold office.

A full member must reside within the City of Calgary and pay the Annual membership fee of $2 per year.

Associate Member: May nominate board members, and are eligible to hold office.

An Associate member is open to individuals, agencies, associations, programs, corporations, or partnerships interested in promoting and supporting the initiatives of BSAA. An Affiliate member is a non-voting member.


Your donation will help BSAA to support programs to address issues and create community solutions so that seniors may live in health, comfort and dignity.

Please call us at 403-286-1811 or emailĀ  kims@caryacalgary.ca to find out how to make a donation to our organization.

BSAA is a registered charity and donations are tax-deductible.

Please note: Your information is considered confidential. BSAA will not use your personal information for any other purpose or share it with outside organizations.

The Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association
5000 Bowness Road N. W.
Calgary, Alberta T3B 0B9
Telephone: 403-286-1811
Fax: 403-202-5641